What sets your bikes apart from the rest?

The value.

Value doesn’t mean cheapest. Our man in New Plymouth services all brands of e-bikes. He spends lots of time fixing cheap imports and hearing from the owners who regret their purchase decision. We’re not the cheapest. But, you won’t find a better spec’ed, more reliable e-bike in their price range , That’s our promise.

• Social good. MeloYelo supports EVolocity, the engineering education programme in NZ high schools in which teams of students design, build and compete in electric vehicles, developing practical engineering skills as well as an appreciation for the benefits of electric transport.

• The performance. Our motors are larger than those typically found on European bikes. Our controllers deliver more amperage than most. Our thumb throttle can deliver full power at all times, regardless of which boost level you are in. And, unlike European bikes, you are not constrained to a top motor speed of 25km/h.