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  1. “Thanks for considering MeloYelo. We’re a nationwide team who all share the same approach to “taking great care of our customers.” Most of our agents are individual ebike experts working from home, who have been professionally trained with knowledge not only of MeloYelo ebikes, but of ebikes in general, including how our bikes compare to other makes and models. We do hope you’ll check us out. One thing we can promise: There’s less pressure in our agents than there is in our tyres

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History about Meloyelo NZ

MeloYelo began life in 2016 not as a company, but as a brand of EVolocity, a charity which runs an electric vehicle competition in NZ schools. Teams of students design, build and compete in electric vehicles, learning not only valuable engineering skills, but also about their economic and environmental benefits. Today, MeloYelo is independent of EVolocity, but MeloYelo’s CEO is Chairman of EVolocity, MeloYelo continues to provide funding and expertise, and several MeloYelo agents actively contribute their time and expertise to the schools that are involved.

Meloyelo helps Fund the future of EV’s through Evolocity in NZ high schools

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Once you’ve bought your bike, we want to make it as comfortable and hassle free as possible for you. We’ll take the time to fit the bike to you, we’ll deliver a free and comprehensive service check once you’ve clocked up a few hundred kilometres and, should you have a problem with your MeloYelo – regardless of where you are in NZ at the time – there’ll be a MeloYelo agent nearby who will gladly help get you up and running again.

We are also agents for Venture Scooters NZ for retro fitting Bafang mid drive conversion kits to your bike.  Or you may be interested for a scooter etc. from them and if ordered through us same price as per their site but fully assembled and ready to pick up locally.

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Mid drive kits